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(BACK ORDER) AOX/PLX 750mg (190 Caplets) by Biovet International

(BACK ORDER) AOX/PLX 750mg (190 Caplets) by Biovet International
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Manufacturer: Biovet International

Recommended by the best seller The Nature Of Animal Healing

by Dr. Martin Goldstein, DVM

What is AOX/PLX ?
AOX/PLX is an advanced antioxidant enzyme formula modified from an earlier formula by Jim , Ph.D. in response to the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986. As part of a U.S. delegation sent to Russia, Dr. successfully used AOX/PLX in working with Russian children exposed to nuclear fallout. Not only did it significantly lower cesium levels in his test group, it also provided protection against the massive levels of pesticides present in the Russian countryside. Furthermore, improvements in the children's attention span were noted. This was all documented in a study released by the Belarus Ministry of Health.

AOX/PLX is manufactured from a proprietary blend of sprout extracts, prepared under strictly controlled conditions (temperature, humidity, light, etc.), and processed with minimal heat to ensure the bioactivity of its antioxidant enzymes. Even the tableting of the caplets is performed using a slow, low heat process. The result is a concentrated blend of glutathione peroxidase (GP), superoxide dismutase (SOD), methionine reductase (MET), and catalase (CAT). The ability of AOX/PLX to significantly increase glutathione peroxidase and SOD levels in humans has been independently confirmed by FDA approved labs, indicating the viability and potency of the product. This is accomplished both by direct absorption across the intestinal mucosa, and, perhaps even more importantly, by stimulating the body's own internal production of these antioxidant enzymes. This is particularly significant given that big questions remain about how well glutathione, in its non-enzymatic form, can be absorbed across the intestinal mucosa.

How does AOX/PLX work?
The antioxidant enzymes in AOX/PLX are powerful free radical scavengers. In fact, these are the very enzymes that the body itself produces internally to combat these damaging molecules, and to help liver detoxify a wide array of toxins. Given that free radicals are implicated in just about every degenerative disease (from arthritis to cardiovascular disease to cancer), as well in the aging process itself, the potential applications of AOX/PLX are very broad indeed. Below is a brief summary of the primary activity of each of the constituent antioxidant enzymes.

SOD (Superoxide Dismutase) provides the first line of defense against superoxide and the oxygen radicals, which themselves are the initiators of the entire free radical cascade, as such, it protects against the potentially negative side effects of oxygen metabolism. Because superoxide degrades the synovial fluid that lubricates the joints, SOD also helps to counteract inflammatory joint diseases, such as arthritis, bursitis and gout.

GP (Gluatathione Peroxidase) is also a key player in quenching free radical activity (especially peroxides), in catalyzing the liver's detoxification pathways, and in extending the lifespan of vitamin E (and, by extension, vitamin C). Consisting of bioactive selenium bonded to the glutathione tripeptide, glutathione peroxidase is particularly effective at protecting the all-important cell membranes from lipid peroxidation.

MET (Methaionine Reductase) is especially effective at removing the highly toxic hydroxyl radicals, commonly associated with mercury and other heavy metals, industrial pollution and radiation exposure. As these radicals are also produced by strenuaous exercise, methionine reductase is also useful in helping to improve athlete's recovery time.

CAT (Catalase) works synergistically with SOD, removing the hydrogen peroxide molecules that are byproducts of SOD activity, and protecting the cells against damage.

Clinical Applications

AOX/PLX can be used as a general maintenance product to modulate immune function, or therapeutically in a wide range of conditions including allergies, inflammatory conditions, mercury toxicity, convalescence, and as an adjunctive cancer treatment. Given that we are all exposed to unprecedented levels of pollution, anyone can benefit from its powerful antioxidant action.

AOX/PLX Caplets (90 or 190 750mg caplets)
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