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Effitix Red for Dogs 45-88.9 lbs 3 pk

Effitix Red for Dogs 45-88.9 lbs 3 pk
Product Code :   Effitix-for-Dogs-45-88-lbs-3-pk
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Manufacturer: Virbac Animal Health

EFFITIX™ Topical Solution for Dogs kills and repels ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes; kills lice and aids in the control of mites; and repels and prevents blood feeding by biting flies.

  • Killing action of fipronil. Used on millions of treated pets.
  • Repellency of permethrin. Starts to repel ticks within 10 minutes of treatment to help reduce the chance of disease transmission.1
  • Rapid speed of kill for ticks. By 9 days after treatment-killed at least 98% of 4 species of ticks.1
  • Rhipicephalus sanguineus
  • Dermacentor variabilis
  • Amblyomma americanum
  • Ixodes scapularis
  • Rapid speed of kill for fleas. Within 6 hours-killed over 90% of fleas. Within 12 hours eliminated 99.6% of fleas.1
  • Repels and kills mosquitoes, which may be vectors for heartworm disease. Provided an anti-feeding efficacy of more than 77% for 4 weeks (28 days).1
  • Long-lasting, dual acaricidal efficacy. Can kill adult ticks and fleas for up to 1 month.1
  • Kills the parasites that may transmit vector-borne diseases. Controls infestations caused by ticks, fleas, and lice; repels biting flies; and repels and kills mosquitoes.
  • Do not use on cats. For use only on dogs 12 weeks old or older.
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