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Maxi Guard Zn 4.5 Otic (4 oz) bottle

Maxi Guard Zn 4.5 Otic (4 oz) bottle
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Manufacturer: MAXI/GUARD - Addison Biological Laboratory, Inc.
Resolves difficult ear cases associated with Otitis Externa while aiding in the healing of the ear canal.

  • Clears chronic yeast otitis
  • Very low incidence of stinging
  • Safe for use with a ruptured tympanum
  • No antibiotics/steroids
  • Safe/effective for long term maintenance
  • No interference with allergy testing
  • Resolves itching
  • Scent free
  • Calms, clears, and restores problems ears
  • Not oily/greasy
  • About
    MAXI/GUARD® Zn4.5 Otic® provides veterinary medicine with its first complexed zinc ear care topical for otitis externa. The formula delivers the essential micronutrient zinc, complexed with select amino acids and the proven Malassezia agent, Boric Acid. Active ingredients are delivered in a well tolerated propylene glycol vehicle at a pH of 4.5.

    How Does it Work? MAXI/GUARD Zn4.5 Otic is the first water soluble ear maintenance topical offering veterinary medicine the essential micronutrient zinc, complexed with two select amino acids, Taurine and L-lysine, in combination with boric acid, a proven anti-Malassezia agent. The amino acid complex stabilizes the zinc ion for better topical utility.

    Zinc is an essential trace element and is a component of about 300 metalloenzymes systems. Many of these enzymes play key roles in extra-cellular matrix remodeling; wound healing, connective tissue repair, inflammation, and cell proliferation. Usage
    MAXI/GUARD Zn4.5 Otic is not an ear cleanser. Boric acid combined with amino acid complexed zinc, is very effective for Malassezia otitis typically associated with allergic ear disease. It can be used on acute or chronic ears. Zn4.5 Otic offers these positive benefits:
  • calming pruritic and painful ears for 2-3 days prior to cleansing
  • clinical and home use post-cleaning in dogs affected with otitis externa
  • long term maintenance to prevent future outbreaks
  • will not interfere with allergy testing

  • Zn4.5 Otic is 'First-Line' for fostering healing or returning the micro-environment of the ear to normality. Chronic Pseudomonas ears require powerful antibiotics and steroids, but Zn4.5 Otic can be used as an adjunct in these situations for restoration in a shorter period of time.

    Zn4.5 Otic is very effective and safe for long term maintenance. Once the initial problem is resolved, the product can be used 2-3 times per week to prevent future outbreaks. Due to the large number of clients using Zn4.5 Otic for maintenance or prevention, we have a more economical 4 ounce size available.
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