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SHED-X Dermaplex

SHED-X Dermaplex

Shed-X : Comprehensive Shedding Solution

Top-Selling Dermaplex in New Packaging and New Sizes - And Introducing Companion Shampoo and Conditioner.

Shed-X Dermaplex is now available in 8,16 and 32 oz. sizes for dogs and 8 oz. for cats. For a complete shed control program, we've added a shampoo and conditioner. All dressed in bright yellow, eye-catching packaging and loaded with information about the benefits of our exclusive formulas, Shed-X will outshine and outrun the competition. Choose a product

  Shed X Dog Shampoo 16 oz Comprehensive Solution by Synergy Labs
(15.7) $12.07

  Shed-X Dog Conditioner 16 oz. by Synergy Labs
(15.7) $12.07

  2 Pk Shed-X Dog Shampoo & Conditioner 16 oz. by Synergy Labs
(24.25) $25.99

  Shed-X Cat Shampoo 8 oz. by Synergy Labs
(12.65) $9.73