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Skin Soothe 2 fl oz by ProLabs

Skin Soothe 2 fl oz by ProLabs
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Skin Soothe™

Skin Soothe works fast to relieve itching and help heal your dog's irritated skin. Skin Sooth is a topical zinc solution spray that not only relieves itching, it also accelerates healing. It can be used to help heal hot spots, minor wounds and many other skin conditions. The natural, neutralized zinc in Skin Soothe is complexed with Taurine and L-lysine to deliver maximum anti-itch benefits.

The Power of Zinc for Soothing and Healing

Skin Soothe contains zinc, an essential trace element critical to metabolic functions that affect wound healing, connective tissue repair, inflammation and cell regeneration. Skin Soothe has a neutral pH and contains no alcohol, so it is non-stinging and can be applied directly to affected tissue.

Aids in the healing of:
Hot spots Relieves itching
Incision sites Neutral pH - no sting
Foot pad injuries Steroid and antibiotic free
Minor wounds Easy spray application
Skin fold dermatitis Non-staining
Many other skin conditions Not oily/greasy

Indications :

A natural, neutralized zinc topical that manages various skin conditions including relief from itching and drying. Can be used as an adjunct to standard antibiotic or steroid therapy.

Dosing and Administration :

Thoroughly clean and dry affected skin, then spray site. Apply once or twice daily. Affected areas may be bandaged or exposed. If no improvement is observed, consult your veterinarian.

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