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Zymox Otic (1.25oz) with Hydrocortisone (1.0%)

Zymox Otic (1.25oz) with Hydrocortisone (1.0%)
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UPC Code: 667334311259
Manufacturer: PKB Animal Health

Zymox is for the treatment of acute and chronic otitis externa due to bacterial, viral and yeast infections. Factors that predispose the ear to otitis externa:

Excessive skin folds in ear
Floppy ear carriage
Excessive hair
Excessive cerumen production
Suppressed immune system
Systemic antibiotics

Zymox directions:

No prior or post cleaning required
Apply liberally to fill ear canal
Gently massage, working medication into infected area
Permit pet to shake their head to remove excess
Treat once a day for 7 days for acute infections
Treat once a day for 14 days for chronic infection

Ingredients: Lactoperoxidase system plus Lysozyme, Lactoferrin, Hydrocortisone (1%).

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