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OptaGest / Fresh Digest for Dogs & Cats 300 gm powder

OptaGest / Fresh Digest for Dogs & Cats 300 gm powder
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Supports Intestinal Balance and a Healthy Immune System

Complete Digestive Supplement for Dogs

by In Clover
Complete all natural supplement for digestive health in dogs and cats.
Digestive enzymes are easily destroyed by the normal processing of commercial pet food. External conditions such as travel separation storms diet change etc. can cause anxiety or stress that may reduce digestive efficiency. Also as the body ages fewer enzymes are produced. OptaGest™ replenishes the enzymes that help process fats carbohydrates and protein easing the burden placed on the digestive system. The prebiotic FOS feeds the beneficial bacteria that naturally replenish these essential enzymes.

What Makes OptaGest™ Different?
•OptaGest is the ONLY complete digestive aid for dogs & cats that contains NO FILLERS such as Lactose Sugar or Preservatives. Fillers may cause further digestive upset.
•OptaGest contains CLINICALLY TESTED levels of the prebiotic FOS. FOS ferments in the large intestine providing food for the beneficial intestinal flora.
•OptaGest contains 4 plant-based enzymes to assure proper digestion and absorption of nutrients throughout the ENTIRE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM.
•OptaGest is a tasty slightly sweet powder that pets enjoy.
•Results are seen in as few as 3 days.
•100% Guaranteed by InCover.

Active Ingredients per ¼ tsp:

Prebiotic: Fructooligiosaccharides 750mg
Enzyme blend:  
Acid Stable Protease 16 869 HUT/g
Amylase 2 025 SKB/g
Lipase 1 033 FCCLU/g
Cellulase 203 CU/g

Flavor: Slightly sweet flavor that dogs & cats enjoy.
Container Size: 100 grams, 300 Grams

per 100 grams
Supply for 50 pound dog: 44 day supply
Supply for cat under 10 lbs: 133 day supply
Each 100g container provides 133-¼ tsp servings

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