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Welcome to ProLabs® Ltd.,

Pets are true family members that need high-quality health care just like their owners. ProLabs® products are made for pet owners who want to play a more active role in their pet's health care. We have been committed to safe, effective, high-quality pet health care products for over 20 years.

  Worm Protector 2X Double Strength Liquid Wormer 2 Oz Btl By ProLabs
(12.99) $9.99

  Flex Rx Joint Care 60 Chewable Tablets
(49.99) $37.99

  Flex Rx Joint Care for Dogs (30 Chewable Tablets)
(29.99) $23.99

  Breath Refresh 2 fl oz by ProLabs
(8.99) $5.99

  Skin Soothe 2 fl oz by ProLabs
(13.99) $8.99